Met up with a guy and hasn't heard from him for 3 days?

So i met this guy on tinder and we met up in a bar. We had a great conversation and he gave me compliments. He also asked me what type of guys I liked, I told him that i like guys that take things slow. Then he left since he said he had to go to this house party I texted him saying that I had a great time and he said that I have overcome his fear for future tinder meet up. Now it's been 2 days he still haven't texted me, is he interested?


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  • It's possible that he lost his phone or suddenly became super busy but you can't rule out the possiility that he might be... dead :o :o :o

    • Wow, I butchered possibility real bad.

    • ohh god I hope he s alive haha... but let's be real how long does a guy usually take to text the girl and ask her out? because i really thought we had a great conversation

    • Maybe a couple of hours at the most if im busy. I certainly wouldn't wait two days. Hopefully you'll hear from him soon.


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  • Ohh lost cause!

  • Hard to say. He is either trying to take things slow, or he was put off by that. You should wait 2 more days.