Next move, any help?

I asked my crush to go to a minor league baseball game (I know she likes baseball at least a little bit). She didn't have her phone on. She sent me a text saying she would have gone but her phone was off. Now we're texting but I don't know what to do next. She is kind of out of my league. Any help would be helpful for my next step


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  • Ask her to the movies? :)


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  • First thing is if you believe you are not in her league then you have already lost the battle. Have confidence in yourself and show her that you are a great guy. That way she won't question you and actually believe you are in her league.

    Texting is great but face to face is always the best form of communication. The texting should only be a platform to organize to hang out and get to know her better. If the texting is the only relationship you have with her then thats a bad sign that you are just a texting buddy.

    Also be a good texter and make her laugh. Dont be too clingy and dont be the guy that sends a hundred texts to her to get her attention. It never works.

    So anyway the next step is to hang out more with her. Hopefully she will like that and you can build your connection with her.

    • By out of my league I mean that I live in a small town and everyone has known each other since they were 2 years old. I moved here so I'm not in that social status. But thanks for the advice

  • Shouldn't have asked her to go to a minor league if she's out of your league, take her to a major league next time.