I don't know what we are doing?

I shouldn't be concerned but I am a little worried to be honest. I can't help it. I hooked up with a guy I don't know, he took my number and he was sweet. A few days later he asked me out to have dinner with him and I'm not even sure if that was a date. He asks me personal stuff like he is really trying to get to know me, we cuddled like a lot. He's so affectionate, the cuddling never ends. I crash at his place, we sleep together but we don't have sex and he doesn't pressure me but that's about it. I've only seen him four times but I don't want to get myself into something bad like ending up as a friends with benefits. We don't regularly stay in touch which is understandable I suppose since I've known him for about a week and a half. He has said that I'm a nice girl and he thinks I'm beautiful so a lot of times he just lay and stare into my eyes.


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  • Look like you at stuck second base to me, If your trying to get a homerun you better initiate something


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  • you need to define the relationship sounds like he is scared to ask you... just open up and talk about it, even if its a random 'what is this?' question. x