Wheres the 'line' between heteroromantic asexual and heterosexual?

Im just a little confused about my sexuality lately because I've had crushes on boys and have imaginary dates with them but its just that i dont feel comfortable with the idea of having sex so what do you think

(Or could it also be because i have really low body confidence? (ive even never been to a gynacologeist because i feel like crying at the thought of someone being 'so close' to my lady parts))


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  • You're still young. Before I started having sex, I never had sexual fantasies. I could only think of romantic stuff. I still can't have sexual thoughts unless I am really into the other person. As for labels, don't restrict yourself to one. They are not important, trust me on that.


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  • There is none.
    There is heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual. Everything else is just people who spend way too much time on Tumbler trying to feel special.

  • I'm sure your hetro but your just not comfortable with the idea of someone else being there yet, maybe get use to your body by masturbating first


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