Why don't girls ever want to end the conversation?

Whether we are texting at night She never is the first one to say goodnight or anything. She makes it so I'm the last one to message her. Or even during the day. We could be snapchatting and I'll say I'm busy. And tell her I hope she has an amazing day and I'll talk to her later. And she will just open it and read it. And not answer. She doesn't say it back and I swear she makes sure I'm the last message in our conversation. Why wouldn't she respond to me saying have an amazing day? Or why won't she say goodnight back. She will talk with me. But as soon as I say I have to go. She just reads it and never says goodnight back or have a good day. Why is this


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  • Maybe she thinks that you're avoiding her. If I were in her position, I'd be thankful over the fact that you wanted to stop the conversation since I hate text messaging.


What Guys Said 1

  • its a game some girls play, it never gets old when it keeps the guy coming back for more in my experience. but take it easy if something was wrong you would know about it by now.