Girls, why do only teenage girls seem to like me?

I can't seem to get any girls in my age bracket 21 or even 4 years below it's only ever teenage school girls that say im good looking or anything. Like that's obviously never gonna happen as it's not right. how comes girls just don't seem to like me romantically only as a friend.


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  • because 21 years old look like kids! hahah! That what I been told I look like as well! lol

    • lol yeah most girls my age want a man who is like 25 or up in other words I have noooooo chance on earth lol

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    • we are both in the same boat then aha when I tell a girl my age she wants to check my damn passport 😂😂😂😂

    • Yeah but I am not 15 or 16 I am 20! Trust me If I was 16 no way in hell would I be the way I am now.

  • Well, I think it is because women around your age are more into getting their own life settled out, then out looking for a man, while a teenager only has to worry about school, and if they have boyfriend. You are older, might have a car and job, unless most high school boys. :)

    • yes exactly for me the minimum age is 17 but I ain't in that sort of environment to meet girls younger due to my job and girls in clubs mean only thing one night stands. hence why I no longer go clubbing