Guys, what do you do if you like a girl?

Do you text her all the time? How do you let her know you are interested in her? Do you play dating games? Texting games? Like disappear for a couple of days? Like what do you do!

What are somethings you do to let her know you are interested in getting to know her?


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  • while i like games i like it serious as well. because some games leave you feeling like you dont know where you stand. and that feels pretty awful min itself. but what i like other than games is just talking and sharing things like music or something.

    nothing amazing just little things that are important to bot of us.

  • Text her everyday. Tell her sweet things. Hold her hand. But do you like it when a guy disappear for a couple of days?

    • Ok. Heck no! It drives me crazy when guys disappear.

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    • Yeah! And I have! But, it didn't really out too well for me! 🙁 I asked a guy if he wanted to actually talk on the phone instead of us texting all the time. He didn't respond! No call no text NOTHING! 🙁 After we talked for 3 months through Internet and texting. 😢

    • Is it because you miss him? I want to do the same. XD

  • let her know I like her and treat her like a princess.