Hookup into relationship? Chances, experiences, opinions?

So I got to know a guy (through friends) about three weeks ago, we had an awsome chemistry end ended up hooking up that same night. He wrote me directly the next day and we are exchanging text and voice messages every day. Since then I have seen him 2 more times and it led to sex again. The two times it was already late when he came to my place, but he stayed the night and we always talked a lot. He left quite early both times but as I would say for good reasons (eg mothersday). So I just started wondering how the chances are of something like that leading to a real relationship. I just ended a 7 year relationship so I am a little out of the game ;) I would like to hear you opinions, experiences, tips on a situation like that ;) Thanks :)


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  • Meh! I don't have much expereince can't help u!

  • be upfront sooner rather than later with what you want, whatever that may be. he may be on same page! but the longer you go on... the weirder to change things