He will not date me because I am too intimidated ): what can I do?

Last Saturday I finally had a date with the guy that I like. I though that was good and he even grabbed my hand but almost at the end he told me that i make him insecure even when he is a confident person. He told me that i am very different to all the girls and that i make him feel insecure.

After that he just went very fast and he hasn't text me. I feel that i ruin everything and i know that sometimes i can be a little rare or different but i can not change that.

Should i ask him why or just let it go?


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  • the intimidation is really fear of you just out to use him, if you want to let it go well thats up to you but doing that will seriously hurt him and make him fear girls even more, you should talk to him about it, i say this in most of my postings guys know how girls are and we know girls dont "really" give a damn about guys, and lie about love just to use us and guys are tired of that, so if you really want him than you'll have to "really" show it.


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  • I've never heard of a guy not wanting to be with a pretty girl. he either wanted to get away with it or wants to be polite. lol he's probably not into you but he was nice tho. that's what i would see it like sorry