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I've liked this girl for a long time now, however she liked another guy. I found out the guy she likes doesn't want a relationship, yet they still hang out etc. Me and her have been getting closer and closer lately, wishing each other luck, making sure were both alright, good mornings and goodnights, texting hearts, etc. She seems extremely flirty and so on, sitting by me, walking with me etc. However, she keeps randomly bringing up this guy, and I ask if they are together or if he wants to date her and she says no. Then were talking about something, and I say how he played a big part in that, then she says he's played a big part in her life. I say, what about me, and she tells me I play a big part in her life too (pity remark?). So, she still acts flirty, but I think she's still in love with this guy, or is it a testing jealousy thing. Whats your thoughts, what should I do?


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  • She is not that into you. She still has feelings about the other dude and she sees you in a friendly way.


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  • My thoughts.. I think she's a playful woman.
    Be clear! Ask her out on a date!