Me and my boyfriend messed up last night?

Alright, so he lives with his grandparents and we were at his last night. We always sit in the conservatory because that's where he keeps his console so we do a bit of gaming. Last night though we put some music on and started making out but then it went a little bit further, we didn't have sex but we were doing 'stuff'. now usually he shuts the door into the hallway and the door into the kitchen but for some reason he didn't shut the kitchen door. So because the music was playing and the door was open we didn't hear his nan walking through the kitchen. She came in to see if we were alright and she saw us, there's no hiding what she saw. We both know that I'm probably not gonna be able to go round for a while but basically she's pretty stubborn so although I want to apologise and sit down with him and his grandparents to talk about it, I don't think she's gonna agree. My friend suggested writing a letter to her to apologise so I might do that. I'm not sure whether she's going to tell my mum because she has her number, do you think I should tell my mum because if his nan doesn't, my mum's gonna know something happened because I always go round for dinner and that isn't gonna happen any time soon haha


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  • Has she actually gone mad with u both over it? Hey at the end if the day she was your age once and obviously has kids so she has done all what u did many years ago. Wait it out see what happens but don't allow her to judge u both and remind her she was young once. Apologize for disrespecting the house and doing it there but nit for what u actually did. Its normal for 2 young people in a relationship to get carried away and just be more mindful of where u do it in future.

    • She said it was time for me to go so he walked me home
      When he got in he heard her say she's not having me in the house again

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    • I'll try that, thanks =)

    • Your welcome, let me know if it goes well and fingers crossed.

  • What was u actually doing


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  • Unfortunately things like this happen from time to time. I think most of us have been caught. It is SO embarrassing, I know. But, I say just let it be for awhile. Give her some time so it is not so fresh in her head before you see her again. She might be stubborn but hopefully she is also understanding, people do physical things, maybe she got caught when she was younger too. Things like that happen. I would not tell your mum either unless it is necessary. Avoid that awkward conversation unless you need to have it. Yes, you are still young which is the issue, but for older people sex is not a huge deal and they probably aren't surprised you two are starting to explore that. Just give it time, everyone will eventually be less embarrassed.