Need advice, is he truly shy and slow moving or is he playing me?

(Sorry so long) Ok there this guy that I've been seeing for over 2 months that I met online. When we met he said he is very shy and it took him till the end of our 3rd date to kiss me. We hang out @ least 3 to 4 times a week and have met his twin sister & a lot of his friends & he has met some of mine. He texts me everyday & takes me fishing & stuff. When we hang out if he gets drunk he is very affectionate & kisses me a lot, but when he is not drunk he does not kiss me, altho he does have to touch me in some way everytime we see eachother. One night we were @ early breakfast after bar & he made it a point to show me on his phone that he is not talking to any other girls from the site that we met on. We have hung out @ his place twice & both times he initiated cuddling & always wanted me to touch him & was always touching me (eventho when we first started talking he said he did not like to cuddle). The first time we were @ his place cuddling & he kept telling me i could stay the night & I did not have to go. After several more hours of cuddling he initiated sex, this was recent. When we go out he pays most of the time, but I pay once in a while which he says he has never had and likes. Then last night we went to a movie, which he paid for & I paid for the snacks (eventho he offered to pay for them too). The movie we saw had about 12 dif movies leading up to it, which I had only seen 5 of. When he found this out he said that we could go to a different movie but I convinced him to go the one he wanted to see bad. He said that I would have to watch the other movies with him too. We were in the theater & he was pinching & touching my leg a few times. Then grabbed my hand & laced w/my fingers in my lap. He would randomly squeeze my hand & rub with his thumb. He would get uncomfortable & would move but not let go of my hand through the whole movie. At the end of the movie he did not kiss or hug me goodbye. I'm so confused if he wants a relationship or if I am being played.


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  • How are you confused? I don't see how he's giving you mixed signals at all. Seems to me like he's pretty into you. Maybe he's waiting for you to make a move for once so he knows you're just as interested.

  • Honestly, he either has some sort of relationship phobias we dont know about, or he isn't a fan of PDA. Either way i would talk to him, life is too short to play games and try to decipher what people want.