Girls, Am I asshole?

Ok so back in grade school I was always rejected due to my looks I was fat overweight and the thought of me liking most girls repulsed them. Now I'm fit lean and muscular I'm still the same guy on the inside but I have tried online dating and it hasn't exactly gave good results I was talking to a girl and it seemed like she liked me we went back and forth she rejected me I rejected her but it's almost like she had to have the power cause once I said I don't wanna talk to her she blocked me on Facebook and appeared really hurt and instead of feeling guilt for the first time I actually felt good it in a matter of minutes felt like a transformation my whole life it felt like women had a lot of the power but in that minute it felt like I took it back


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  • Your only an asshole if you go out of your way to hurt someone.

    • Well I took the power from her

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    • @Lizzzaf well I'm no longer talking to her

    • So why do u care


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  • Yes u are. Don't play games with her. So like are y'all dating or was? How long. be honest