How can you tell if a guy is dating you for convenience or has real feelings?

Sometimes I wonder...

I get really strong signs that he cares. He actually says he cares. But he his sex drive is not very high and I am wondering if it's me...

I thought sex was equally a part of forming a bond with someone?


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  • Sex is important. Don't get me wrong but it's not the most important connection. He may be on medication or is trying to take things slow. If you are this upset about him just ask him.

    • thank you for your reply :) he's definitely not on medication. i think he has a low sex drive on his own. And we haven't done anything wonderful in that department in a long time. now that i think about it - it wasn't all that great from the beginning. I just wonder if it's me or him. :/

    • He's probably him. Or it's how he's thinking. I thought the same way with my ex till we talked about it and I found out that he never really wanted to innate it because he never wanted me to feel pressured and I felt like he wasn't attracted so I didn't innate it. After that conversation we had 2years of mind blowing sex. So my advice is honestly have a conversation with him. He's the only one that can tell you what's going on.


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  • You can't.

    • Meaning I wouldn't know the difference if he really cared or if he was doing it out of convenience? Is this because he may not know it himself?

    • No, he knows, but you aren't privy to that knowledge. Actions can be deceptive.

      In your case he's just not all about sex. No biggee.

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  • He could be asexual. He may not care much for sex but probably does care a lot for you. Sex should have an importance of about 20% like an added bonus, it should be 50% love for each other 50% sex.