What does it mean when a guy says you're special?

What does it mean when a guy says you're special?
What does he mean by the last part "you're more special to me tho" or what does he mean by special? And does this mean were together? (Bf, gf)? Im the blue message he's the gray message

I do like him a lot by the way


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  • Oh he means you are special medically speaking... Just kidding he probably really likes you seems quite obvious

    • that was pretty good i was gonna say that. but you are right about what you said though he only has eyes for her if e he is meaning what he says.

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    • People can be slow at responding also he can just have it In the background. Wich would explain why it takes time to respond.

    • its a guy thing , at that age his priority's are not girl , a b then c he won't get to that point till he is a bit older you jsut have to pout up with the crazt pattern he has unles your looking for something less confusing.

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  • It means that you're important to him and you differ from other people.