Was it horrible that I cried in front of my crush?

I am a guy too. I liked this girl for so long, I knew I couldn't get her and nothing would work (she is very nice to me). So today I was trying to ask her out to date during a lunch period. But as I was talking, my voice crack and then I started to tear up. I was trying so hard not to cry, but I couldn't till I swelled and tears came down running. I was crying while her friends and cousin was their. I didn't want to attract people, and just started crying more till it was unbearable. I notice a people looking, and I wasn't trying to attract people. I just kept crying because I couldn't do nothing with her. I had no chance before I even tried, we are so incompatible. Sooner or later, amy crush suddenly was talking to me but I barely could do anything because I'm crying. I keep telling it's not OK that I like you but incompatible. It's not OK that I like you for 8 months. I went on and on till I said I'm sorry for crying and I don't want you to feel sympathy for me. She then did something I never expected, she gave me a big squeeze and told me it's OK to cry and try not to hold your feelings. At that moment, a teacher got me. Skipping details, I was at home extra early wondering how did I cry out of nowhere.

Was it good or bad that I cried?


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What Girls Said 2

  • Sounds like you both handled it well. Sometimes our emotions get the better of us. We're only human.

    It'll be ok - once you get over her you have a chance to meet a girlfriend you ARE compatible with who loves you. You've reached the turning point by accepting it. The worst is over. xoxo

  • I am sorry about what happened to you. It was terrible. She probably considers you too sensitive now.


What Guys Said 1

  • I'm so sorry :/ its awesome that you had the courage to ask her though, if you have the courage to ask a girl that you know is way out of your league then she'll more than likely think that you're worth it and think your sweet. Yeah it might have been bad or embarrasing but later on try again when you have more confidence and keep focused on having a future with her. I know you can do it 💪