Should I just move on?

Let it be said, I do like this girl, I have tried asking her out (twice). Each time I did though, she was legitimately working, but made no effort to reschedule. I try and be there for her, and show her I care, its obvious I like her. At one point, we started sending hearts, flirting etc, but after I started getting a little more flirty she backed off. However, she still does seem flirty at times, and like she wants to date, but then quickly pulls in. I find out she likes this other guy, but he doesn't like her and she's accepted it but hasn't moved on quite yet. Should I just move on from the situation? I think I should, but at the same time, a part of me thinks I will miss out because at times she's very flirty (she's normally shy, so she's not a flirty girl, which is why I feel like she likes me). I feel like she likes me, but likes him more and is holding out to see if his mind changes. Help, ideas?


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  • I think you should move on. You already asked her out twice and she didn't try to reschedule with you. She is clearly using you for attention and she doesn't care that much in order to give you a chance.


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  • I've been dealing with (crushing on) this EXACT type of girl for nearly two years. (Except she hasn't mentioned liking any other guys luckily).

    Ask her out before he does I guess.

    • Well, he doesn't want to be in a relationship with her, so its not like I'm worried about him (her friend told me). Its more like I feel she's still into him and holding off for him if that makes sense.

    • Yeah that makes sense. You could wait it out I suppose.


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