How to get to know my work crush better?

I like this guy I work with. We used to just awkwardly stare at one another but now we are talking to each other and joking around. I want him to ask for my number and I figure he will if he actually wants to hang out with me. How do I let him know I like him without coming on too strong?


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  • You could be flirty and drop hints. But also, it is ok if you kind of let it slip straight out that you like him. Just say something like "hey, I think you're pretty cool. Would you ever want to hang out outside of work?" That makes it obvious you want to hang out without making it seem that you are desperate or clingy or coming on too strong.

    • Ya I definitely thought about just asking him to hang out. I'm not sure if I want to go that route since he might say no lol.

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    • Touche

    • Hope I was helpful and everything works out. :) Let me know how it goes.

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  • It's quite easy. Ask him to hang out just the two of you after work. Then request him to give you his phone number.