Boyfriends age/living arrangement... mom doesn't approve?

My boyfriend is 5 years older than me (he turned 25 this year and i turn 20). He's responsible, treats me well, and is very respectable. We've been dating for a month, have made it Facebook official, and all my friends (and my dad and stepmom like him). He currently lives with his parents because he doesn't make enough to move out ($10.50 an hour, full time). He has great benefits and is currently paying off his car, but my mom isn't pleased that he's 5 years older than me and doesn't like that he lives with his parents. Usually this doesn't bother me, but i have to live with her for the next year because my dad is moving to Texas with my stepmom and they aren't taking me with them, and I'm just scared that ill end up losing my feelings for him since my mom disapproves. Please help!


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  • if you are ok with him living at home you shouldn't care that you mom disapproves

  • I understand why your mom might not like that. I don't think as a father I would like that for my daughter either. 25 is a long time to be living at home unless you are working on a college degree. It would make me feel he isn't doing much with his life.

    However your mom isn't the one with him so if her comments make you question your love and feelings for him then maybe they are not as strong as you thought.

    • I mean i wish he could move out too, but where i live (tiny town in VA) unless you have a degree you're kind of fucked and both of us aren't academic people so its kind of the best we can do at this point.

    • Your sweet for defending him. For you only being 20 it's ok. However small town or not I'm sure that at least 80 percent of the guys over 25 are not staying at home. He needs to find a trade, apply himself at his job so he can advance or find something that will make more money while he is working.

    • Well he's only been at this job for 6 months and already gotten a raise and he is hoping to move into a different department at the hospital

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  • Honestly, get her to sit down and have dinner with you guys and get to know him. I think she is scared that he will pressure you into stuff or take advantage of you as he has more life experience