Why he suddenly seems not interested? What should I do?

So i recently met this guy. We exchanged eye contact and you could tell that we was really interested so I TOOK THE FIRST STEP and introduced myself! He was so happy and he did mention that he is glad that i took the first step, he asked for my number and till this day he talks 24/7 and seems really insterested in me. But whenever i mention that im going out with my friend which he knows and ask him to join he plays busy or dumb. And last night i kind of got mad from him so i was like goodnight he was like of you're mad at me aren't you? but anyway fine goodnight and never actually wanted to ask whats wrong. And before when i told him that he changes to a cold person and blows me off somtimes he was like yea sorry i know! Like seriously? Okay what should i do?



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  • Nothing you can do. He's just a friend not a boyfriend. you can do without him for a few days.


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  • Maybe he doesn't want to hang out with you and your friend. Maybe he wants to hang out with you alone, that's why he refuses to join or he plays busy whenever you mention that you're going out with your friend.