I went on one date with a guy now he acts like we are together. How do I let him know I'm Dating around with out hurting his feelings?

So the other days I went on a date with a guy. It was nice, he's nice but there wasn't really a spark for me and I'm just causally dating right now. How do I break it to him? it seems he might think we could be on the road to dating exclusively and that's not something I want until I really like someone. I don't want to be rude but he seems to already really like me. He's already saying things like "babe I miss you" and maybe of it were coming from someone I really had a connection with I wouldn't be so stand off ish but I am.


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  • You be blunt. Don't lead him on with the excuse you don't want to hurt his feelings, the longer you let him think something will evolve, the more it will hurt when he finds out that won't happen. Tell him politely you don't want to continue dating and be honest about not feeling what you had hoped to, then just ignore the rude reply if you get one.


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  • Oh you better break it off with him fast if that's how you feel because he sounds like he thinks he has a chance of it continuing, you may have to tell him you're to busy at times


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