I have an odd question here about having someone's stuff?

I'm not exactly sure which topic to put this under so hopefully this makes sense.

I was seeing somebody for quite a while but for the past 3 weeks we have not been in contact (only texted once since). He knows I want more than he can give me right now so I believe is giving me space?

I guess my question is I have a couple items of his that are worth a fair amount of money that I borrowed and I am not sure if or how I should give them back to him. I know he won't ever ask for them, but what happens if we never speak again? These items do not belong to me therefore I don't think I should keep them. Perhaps I am being dramatic here but I'm almost afraid that we will never talk again.

How does one go about returning things to somebody? Or should I just wait and see what happens? I don't want him to think that I'm trying to keep his stuff especially because they aren't cheap items. Thanks


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  • If you can't bear to see each other. Get his shit all together put it in your garage or doorstep and tell him a time to come pick it up. Sometimes it's a matter of time. A month or so you go get your stuff then you know it's over.

    • He doesn't have anything of mine and I don't think it's we can't bear to see each other. Just haven't heard from him and wondering if perhaps it's best I give it back to him or maybe I'm just jumping the gun and making assumptions about whether our friendship is over or not.


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  • Message him and tell him that you have some of his stuff and if he wants them back, he can come and get them.