Why does he do this?

I've been dating the same guy a little over a year now. But every few weeks he breaks up with me for another girl but then comes back to me a week or two later. I love him and he says he loves me but why does he keep doing this? I don't know why I keep taking him back. I only wanna be with him but he just can't leave these other girls alone. Should I just be patient and wait or cut him lose. why would a guy do this to a girl? Especially snice he knows how much I care about him.


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  • because he doesn't care, nor does he even think about it for a minute : you are his plan B as in you are always there when needed... he thinks with his dick not with his heart or his brain : ditch him girl


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  • Cut him loose. Even if he does love you (which I don't believe he does) he doesn't enough to respect what you have and fully commit to you. You can't just run around trying everyone and expect the person you've left to wait around until you make up your mind, which is what he's doing it sounds like. I honestly think he's just coming back to you for attention and sex when he's done messing around, or maybe because he's just been rejected and you're his safety net. Don't let him do this anymore, you're worth more than that.

    • I understand, I just thought for so long that he was my whole future. I've always been loyal to him. But he has these girls clowning me now because everyone has had him and he makes me look like an idiot. He says that he doesn't want me to give up on him and I don't want him to think that I don't care about him. I guess part of me believes that in the end I'm winning because I'm the one he keeps coming back to.

    • Your whole future doesn't have a bunch of other girls in it with your guy though right?

      I get why you might feel that way, but I don't think it's enough. And in my opinion, winning is being the ONLY ONE, and being the one he never leaves because you're it.

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  • You deserve better than this. that might be super hard to hear, and I know you may feel love for him. But no man should do this to a girl, he is taking advantage of how forgiving you are =/ you sound amazing for being able to do that.. you deserve so much more.

    Help with mine?

    • Thank you, its hard to cut him lose because when we are together its great but I never known when he is just gonna walk away from me again.

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  • Cut him loose! A man that truly loves a woman will not break off the relationship just to get quick sex and then come back. If he loves her she will be the only woman on his mind. What a scum bag!

  • You are clearly not his first choice, come to terms with that and make a decision!