My High school teacher ratted out my boyfriend?

This guy and I have been on and off for 7 years,(we are both 20 right now) we dated all the way from the age of 13 to my freshman year of college (im a junior now) and broke up. Well, we never truly broke up, we kept in touch and kinda dated other people, but it never worked out between them. Well the past two years he dated a high school girl (his senior year-one semester of his freshman year). But when he as with her he never mentioned loving her and said she was very verbally abusive and while he was with her he'd still drive an hour away to see me at college (no sex). This past fall he and her called it quits and he asked me to be with him and I said yes. We didn't want to jump the gun on telling our families during the holidays so kept it a secret. During December we had a fight and I looked on facebook to see he got back with her. Two weeks later he called and said it was a big mistake and he wanted me back. I told him to end it with her and we'd talk about it. Well he did. we've been together ever since, but 3 days ago I was in target and ran into our highschool English teacher (he didn't know we are together) and my boyfriend came up and he was like "Oh he and ***(exgirl) broke up but they are "together but not together". I was shocked and hurt and like wtf? So I called my boyfriend (he was at work and couldn't really talk) and I told him I wasn't accusing him, but gave him the play by play of what happened and he snorted and said "idk where he got that from" and I asked him did he eventalk to his ex and he said no and sounded honest, but later that night he sends me a text saying "it really hurt that you don't trust me" and when I replied he didn't say anything back and it's been 3 days. Why would he disappear if he's not guilty? and isn't it better that I came straight to him instead of anyone else? I don't know what to do because I wanted to believe him, but that doesn't explain the disappearance.


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  • It's time to move on


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  • I believe that your boyfriend is cheating on you. He sounds quite controlling and manipulative because he tried to guilt-trip you about it.