How do you know if men are intimidated by you?

Recently I was told by a guy that I'm intimidating. I often talk with men, (about Michelangelo, the Renaissance) and my passions. They act wildly interested in me and then... just disappear. I have been told that I'm pretty. When talking with this most recent guy, I was all excited because I had made the newspaper due to a recent art show of mine, thinking he would be happy for me, but he said I was intimidating. Only a day or so after he ghosted me. There was no fight, no mean words, nothing. This has happened more than once. I have wonderful, witty conversations with guys about things like Leonardo Da Vinci, the last opera I saw, or how much I love dance or art. I'm not cold, when people talk to me I light up and smile and laugh a lot. I have never publicly humiliated a man or turned him down in front of people. I didn't know what it was until this guy told me I was intimidating, then I wondered, is that what's going on?


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  • Success can be intimidating to men because we are programmed to believe that we need to be the "bread winners." Personally I think it's silly. They may simply just see you as "out of their league" and that they need to find someone "more on their level." I'm sure that is extremely frustrating.

    • Really? It was just a newspaper article, lol.

      It was frustrating until I knew what the problem was. Now at least I have an idea and that makes me feel a lot better. So thanks for your thoughts, they're very interesting to read. :)

    • Obviously not all guys have a problem with this, but for some the idea of a independent woman is intimidating. They have this idea that women aren't as strong as they are. So, then you come along and blow up that preconceived notion. Now they find themselves in the company of a smart, intellectual, accomplished, stunningly beautiful, educated, well spoken young woman who completely challenges their "authority," whether she means to or not. And I am sure you have many more great attributes. For some you intimidating. For others you're an absolute dream.


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  • How come people like you don't exist around me, lol? I'd love to talk to someone that can have a discussion about the Renaissance! Anyways, to answer your question, guys are intimidated by success and knowledge that they may not have. They might also feel quite intimidated by your passion for your interests, but because they are men, they will try to act like its no big deal. Ghosting you essentially is their way of showing that they are intimidated.

    • Lol, I don't know!

      That was a very informative take on it, so thanks for your input, it helps me understand things a bit better because I'm not a man mind reader.

  • Well the guy who told you this is obviously a wimp so don't generalize cuz most real dude won't be a tad intimidated by your presence hun

    • Thank you so much for voicing your thoughts, they're intriguing to read.

  • you're definitely not intimidating


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