How to choose between two guys?

I got out of a really long relationship about 2-3 months ago and the guy listed a bunch of nasty reasons why. I decided I needed some male companionship so I went on tumblr gave out my Kik and a guy that happens to live fairly close to me got it and kiked me. Were going to call break up guy Guy 1 and Kik guy Guy 2
So I mentioned Guy2 a couple tines on my tumblr, nothing big and Guy 1 comes back with who's this guy? I said don't worry about it blah blah blah he insists I tell him he gets low key upset and takes it out on me for days.
Still talking to Guy 2 nothing official because he's going across country for college in August Guy 1 is making his presence very known by texting me and posting I miss you's on his tumblr
I text him and ask about it he says stuff about killing himself I call him we just talk for while turns out the reason he broke up with me was because I made him feel like shit all the time and then defended myself when he said something. He wants me back and I still love him and he still loves me but love doesn't just snap and it's gone.
Meanwhile I feel really guilty about some of the things I said to him considering I want to be something with Guy 2.
I don't know what to do help


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  • Nah don't go with guy 1. Same thing will happen. he's only jealous cuz of this new guy.


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  • Make a list of questions about what u want in life and get both to answer them. Winner takes all or u may find both want totally different things to u and so not going to last with either.

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  • Kick guy 1 to the curb. Move on. Time for him to go be a big boy. See what happens with guy 2


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