Totally One Sided?

I met a girl online, she asked for my number, she asked me out on our first date, she invited me for coffee a few times, she planned our second date. I invited her on our third date, afterwards she kissed me and I kinda froze on her, she went French and I did pretty much nothing. So I get that I must have hurt/confused her. I took her initiating so much as a good sign so a few days later I asked her if she wanted to go exclusive. She said no. She's saying that everything was one sided that basically I liked her and she didn't like me. Fair enough, that really sucks, but you can't feel what you can't feel. Her actions just didn't speak of someone who didn't like the other person, so it's confusing.


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  • She tried to kiss you and you didn't reciprocate with the same enthusiasm. She's embarrassed and doesn't want to keep going with you.

    • It was my first kiss. I panicked because any other time someone's made to kiss me I've pulled away, but for some reason I didn't want to pull away with her. I told her this after she said no to me. I know I should have told her way way sooner, but I didn't know how I would react until it was happening.

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    • I dont know how to do that. Do I need yo know your acount to deposit? with card?/

    • @youis1 You go to a bank, and I give you my account number and that cash amount goes in it.

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  • as the above girl said, she tried to kiss you and you didn't kissed her like she was kissing you thats why she doesn't wanna keep going with you


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  • You missed the boat. She doesn't like you anymore. Period.

    • Or you could disengage bitch mode and answer the actual question.

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    • I made 2 romantic gestures. One small and one that even took me by surprise. I don't think anything could mend the humiliation she must have felt that night. I walked around with my head in my hands for so long after she drove off. The worst is we'd been snuggling all night in the cinema and I considered going for the kiss so many times. I kinda wish I had now.

    • Well you can only learn from the mistakes now

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