What can I do to get a girlfriend please?

Hello, right now all I'm thinking about is getting a girlfriend which obviously I know I shouldn't think about it.

I'm 22 years old and dated only once. The girl I've dated 2 months ago, well.. It did not work out between us. We only went on a date then she kept on telling me excuses to avoid a second date I guess. This girl is one of my classmates, and I do see her on a daily basis and we do talk casually so to speak.

I've never went on a date with someone else, and I barely have female friends not to say inexistant. I feel a horrible lack in my life that I can not focus on anything other than that, eventually I'm unable to focus on my studies due to this issue which I don't know how to overcome it.

I can not easily talk to girls, like asking for her number because of my anxieties that kicks in. However, when I talk to some girls in some of my classes despite my anxieties kicking in and all, I am able to handle it most of the time. As for girls reactions, I tend to make them laugh when I talk to them which can be seen as a good sign I presume.

I don't know what to do anymore, I beg you to provide some guidance in this situation. Thank you for your cooperation.

More opinions on this topic are highly appreciated, thank you


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  • Try dating sites, they may work for you!

    • Do you have any recomnendation on which dating site to go? I have no experience at all in this field

    • Not really, I have personally not used dating sites before. But I suppose match. com, eharmony and okcupid are among the most popular ones.

    • Ok thank you, I'll check them out as last option.

  • Just lie to them. Tell them what they want to hear and they will be yours.