Girls, Is it sad I'm grateful about this?

Is it sad I'm grateful about this

Ok so sometimes I sit down and think I'm 24 I never had sex, I don't understand sex and it's hard to see a girls sexual side. I most likely will never have sex I know there are other guys like me all over the planet who are just like me. But for the women I'm happy that there are men who do understand you and can come along and please you the way you want

Thanks for opinions


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  • what do you mean, you don't understand sex?

    • I'm 24 I never had sex it's almost like I have a child's mind when I hear that people have sex it seems wrong to me or that I could get in trouble

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    • Not exactly like I don't even know how many holes a girl has

    • You don't need to know that to know how sex works xD


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  • Because you can't understand women you haven't gotten laid. who said you need to understand them in order to have sex? I don't understand guys either but it doesn't bother me

    • Why go through this when you could get a guy that understands you

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    • So you really can't blame this on girls. It's you who has a mindset of a child.

    • I'm not I'm saying I'm grateful that your not stuck with guys like us that there are better ones out there for you