What is he best way to be professional when dating someone you work with?

I like someone I wok with and we are trying to keep things professional. What are some good ways to make sure that happens?


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  • The most professional option is for one of you to get a job at a different company.

    • Neither of want new jobs. We work at Chick-fil-a so it is not too professional but still. i want to keep it to where we can work together. we are doing are best to keep things on the down low. We aren't actually dating, but I sure hope we get there someday.

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  • Well good luck, i dont generally think it is a good idea but i know people who have had success.

    the best way is to be lowkey. dont be flirting all in the office. a stranger who sees you guys from a distance should not be able to tell that you guys are dating. you should carry yourselves professionally and not flirt in front of others. dont get caught sneaking off to the janitors closet either lol


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  • The best way to stay professional dating someone you work with is not to date them at all

  • Don't do things you wouldn't do in front of your parents with them at work LOL (making out, etc.)
    And try to keep flirting to a minimum cause your co-workers will notice and it gets obnoxious and distracting

    • Yeah. A lot of co-workers know he likes me but they don't know much about us. They just know he likes me for the most part. There are people that we have told because we trust them. We do try to keep flirting to a minimum, but it's hard to for me because i just smile when he walks into the room even if he hasn't talked to me. I always smile when he's around. I also don't know what to do with him because he's never had a girlfriend before and if we date, i don't know what things to do with him like holding hands and stuff because i don't know what he is comfortable with.

    • You can be romantic and affectionate with him as much as you're comfortable with outside of work but as soon as you two enter your work place try to behave like you two did before you got together. If you get too coupley others may not like that and it gets distracting.