What is wrong with me?

So I've been up thinking about this and I can't stop! I'm 16 I'll be 17 next month. It's been a long year very hurtful year for me but I've actively improved myself (learning to deal with emotional pain) but basically my goal this school year was to make an actual friend rather than acquaintance and get my first girlfriend (big one) but as always I've been teased, bullied, and rejected very disrespectfully about my appearance. I'm not fat but I'm short, skinny, I wear glasses, and I'm kinda linky. Girls are like my biggest bullies always putting me down. What I'm trying to say is how do I find a girl who can see past my so called nerdy appearance? why is it that all my acquaintances have girlfriends but I don't when we all have the same preferences and tendencies? How do I find a girl who will give me the time of day when I've never been told anything positive about my looks (except my mom)? What kind of girls will actually listen to what I have to say and except a date?


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  • When i was 16 i had classmate George. He was kind of guy with whom girl like me can talk about everything. He was a good friend material. And we were kind of friends.
    Everyone thought he was a nerd. Girls and guys bullied him and laughed at his appearence. I thought that he was weird but he was a nice guy. The problem was that he had no friends not to mention girlfriend.
    First thing that he changed in himself was making friends. He found friends in our class not the most popular guys but who cares, friends are friends and they make us stronger. When girls saw that he had friends and he was no more lone weird guy, they also started making friends with him. He found friends and thus he found himself.
    Remember before girl becomes your girlfriend she should be your friend. Not everyone thinks so but i believe its necessary to build a good relationship.
    Let's continue >
    When he was 17 he changed his style drastically. And when he came at school one day we were like ''wow''. That day we found out that he was handsome. Girls started talking about him in a good way some of them started liking him.
    When i met George after graduation he was a man, stylish and desirable. He got girlfriend when he turned 18 and now he is one of the popular guy in his university.
    In spite of him being bullied and laughed at, he managed to make right friends and right choices.
    I wanted to tell you the story of George, because when i remember my school days i always remember George as a good friend and as a symbol of change.
    I am sure there is nothing wrong with you. But i'm sure there is something wrong with your choices.
    The fact that you have no friends is the result of your wrong choice in the past. And you should make them, you need friends as a fish needs water. And believe me if you find friends and if you find yourself girls will find their way to you.


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  • Hey, I'm sorry that you're going through this; but what I am about to tell you, probably will not help you now, but trust me, when you grow up, you'll be that hunk that every woman falls for. Trust me. I've seen it happen to a few of my guy friends. Remember, men age like fine wine. So don't worry about your physical appearance now, it'll get better soon. :)


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  • I have been where you are right now. In high school, I had the same problem. I wanted a girlfriend badly and was being teased quite a bit too.

    The thing about high school is, it isn't the best place to meet girls who can see past your appearance. Most high school students are uncertain about themselves and some cope with this by making others feel worse; which is where bullying comes from. Of course, there are a lot of people who do get a girlfriend in high school. Perhaps they had nicer class mates, or they simply got lucky. One way or another, it doesn't have anything to do with your situation. I remained single throughout high school and while I did date one or two times, it never went anywhere.
    When I was 17, I went into a bit of a desperate phase, during which I really resented the fact that I was still single and I wanted to do everything I could to get me a girlfriend. I posted questions on this very site about girls and how I could get a girlfriend. I discussed it with my friends, both the ones from high school and from the internet. Yet, I didn't get anywhere. In fact, I ended up stressing myself out while not getting anything out of it myself.
    In time, I learned to be okay with being single and I now don't mind it.

    High school is not the best place to find a girl who sees past your appearance and truly cares about you as a person. I have found that college, if you decide to go there, is a much better and more accepting place in general.

  • Dont worry.. . U will meet nice girls... and perhaps someone special :) who will make u feel funny in the stomach :). .. I see u need an intellectual type... But from the bully part i think u have only asked out the lookers... U need to find someone whose is more understanding & not just plain beautiful... Look for any local dating app or something.. Or take help from ur guy friends to find one... Just chill.. take it easy.. I had the worst year too... But keep moving forward :)

  • So you have no girlfriend AND no friends. Damn man, you need to make friends first man. Trust me that will be good for you. I dont know what my life would have been without my bros. Focus on that first. Your girl will come to you later.