Why is it so easy?

Since Feb this year it's been on and off between myself and the guy who I casually see , I like him but we have had misunderstandings which have lead to some nasty words being said to him by myself :/ he hasn't been nasty to me but I have hurt his feelings and that has lead to him blocking me and he has lost it and told me to F off !! .. The thing is I always win him back even tho I have been nasty to him. He drove over to my house this morning and we slept together. Why is it so easy to win him back every time we have fallen out? Any other man / women would walk away and never return , I do care for him I've told him this , do you think maybe he may have feelings for me? He's the type who wouldn't tell me he has , what do you think?

He has just messaged me saying he's home and it was nice seeing me


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  • well see where it goes, and pray for the best


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  • Why do you keep treating him this way if you like and care about him? I think you need to figure some things out, like if you really do want to be with him and like him and why you are mean to someone you care about, maybe you have your own issues you are putting on him. He seems to like you a lot and some people are suckers and just keep coming back to someone who treats them horribly when they know they shouldn't but they have feelings and can't help it. It is not fair to him and you should figure out your issues. He might also have enough one day and not come back, would you be okay with that? Because it WILL get to that point it is just a matter of time.