Guys, what is the best way to reject you?

There is this guy in my class that somehow started to get touchy like a month and a half ago. He puts his arms around me, ruffles my hair, sits close to me when he has the oportunity, he even smelled my hair (which is kind of creepy. Do boys go around smelling hairs and why?) and tucks my hair behind my ears. Recently I have seen him staring at me. It is clear that he likes me. But...

I don't want to fall anymore than I have fallen for him. He had a girlfriend last year and that girl is someone I talk to whenever we see each other which is everyday at lunch. So I imagine how it would be for us if I dated him. I don't do awkward. Then there is also the fact that: ever since I started to be a teenager, I thought that high school relationships were nothing, just a waste of time, and I still think like this. Because once I'm out of school everything changes. Can someone tell me how to reject him? Is it easier for you guys to confess and get rejected or having the person you like to tell you they don't like you. And after I reject him, do I stay away so he forgets me quicklier?


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  • First to answer: Do boys go around smelling hairs and why? - Yes we do because girls like using shampoo that smells good. I guarantee you if you don't wash your hair for a few days he won't be smelling your hair anymore.

    And yeah, if you're near the end of your highschool career there's no point in starting a relationship unless you are certain you are both heading to the same university. Even then, the amount of new people you will meet there is easily 5x, 10x, maybe even 20x more than the amount you saw at highschool.

    How to reject a guy. Be straight, don't be giving out hints. Guys, especially those in high school, aren't great at picking up hints. If you just tell him straight up like "I'm not interested in a relationship with you", "let's just stay friends", "please don't touch me anymore, it makes me feel uncomfortable", it will save you both a lot of time.

    • Thank you for answering those questions! Specially the how to reject a guy. If I reject him I will go with this.


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  • Since you aren't looking for a relationship anyway, if you downgrade your look he might get turned off and move on. I would! Some guys are complete meatheads and can't be reasoned with. Guys are very visual, so if you dress or look in a way that isn't as attractive he may naturally lose interest, which is the best way!

    • Wow, that makes me feel pretty since, I'm a bit of a careless girl about her looks. With this reply I get that he likes me more for my looks (my hair?) which is nice and a bit sad. Thank you for replying!

  • Don't reject him if you like him.

    • ... I know right? I hate that part the most Because it is making me think twice about rejecting him.

    • Do what YOU wanna do. Don't worry about how your friend will feel cause if she's a real friend she won't care/will be happy for you.