My girlfriend's profile is inactive on MyLol! What do I do?

We messaged last night, but today it says "This user is not active or off the network". What am I supposed to do?


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  • If that's your only way to contact her then she isn't your girlfriend.


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  • Do you have no other means to contact her?

    • No, she doesn't do anything else and I haven't bothered to ask her number...

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    • 1. You have never seen her and you are just friends but you called her your girlfriend. I know that, when you are young, you are so anxious to have a relationship that you cast people in that role when that is not really what you have with that person. Don't do that to yourself! It is not healthy to build up fantasies about someone who you have never seen.

      2. Perhaps she has had her PC assess removed by parents for some reason. This may be a temporary measure.

      3. Her parents may have discovered her communication with you and restricted her PC access/closed her account to discourage further communications with you. This is particularly likely if she lives in a different culture.

      4. You may never hear from her again. Like sometimes does that to you and it sucks. Learn to not invest your emotions into a relationship too quickly; you'll survive longer.

    • Thank you, you're probably right. Whatever the reason, I probably shouldn't delve into relationships like that.

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  • Wait. Or contact her another way.

  • Actually talk to her in person...


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  • it sounds like she is bored of the site or hiding her online status from you they do have that option on some things.

  • Do you have her phone number or any other method of contacting her?