Did you ever perform the no contact rule? Did it work?

Well this guy is afraid of commitment but when I try to move on he starts to freak out and blow up my phone. He has treated me fairly most of the time. I can tell he wants me but he can't commit bc he's not happy with his place in life. He also said he is afraid of letting me down. I told him that he will let me down if he gives up on me. I want to be with a guy who knows what he wants and has me in his life while he is working on his best self. I'm tired of guys stressing. I'm trying to be there for him but now I'm thinking I should go cold turkey and not answer him for 30 days. I heard it will get guys to commit if they are really into you. I think it can work if the last conversation is not on a bad note. I'm in a good position now bc I told him wHat I want and wished him a happy Sunday. I'm going to try no contact... have you?


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  • The No Contract Rule is an abject failure.
    1. Don't follow it - it makes things worse.
    2. Don't follow the advice of anyone who foolishly supports it because A) they are relatively inexperienced and 2) they don't have a firm grasp on human nature.


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  • I would let them know that you want no contact. If he gets over his issues and commits that's great, but it's also likely that he won't. The good side of that is it is much easier to move on yourself with little to no contact. Either way you move forward (with or without him). Keep your boundaries firm and know that you deserve better than what he is offering now.

    • Thanks.. I have told him to not message me but he continues

    • Keep strong and stick to it. If you REALLY need to respond write it out and send it to yourself. You can do it!

  • Never I don't think that works anyway