How long of a break should you give someone when they asked for one?

It's a lot so I apologize ahead of time, if it's too much to read how much of a break would you give someone as in no contact with someone you are still dating. My boyfriend has depression issues and we got into an explosive argument last Saturday. I got upset that he was hanging out with two girls who I've never met and I felt unwelcome/wasn't invited. There were other people there but he talks them all the time. He accused me of not trusting him which isn't true and so on. We saw each other every single day up until that point and we've been together eight months. Fast forward to Monday and I reached out to him midway in the day. We kind of talked and I saw him at work and this continued into Tuesday. It was awkward and we ended up arguing again Tuesday night. I said something I shouldn't had and it almost lead to us breaking up officially. Conversation turned around into him wanting space again. I didn't hear from him until Friday because my second job was trying to get in contact with me and went through him. I guess they scared him with how they did it and we talked about that and he stopped replying. My friend (mutual friend) said he has been having a hard time without me and I know he creeps on me because he looks at all of my snaps. Even when we argued we both worried about each other and he told me to be careful with whatever I ended up doing. I reached out to his best friend after the second argument and asked her to reach out to him if she hadn't already because I didn't want him to be alone and she thanked me for it and already had (I guess they're hanging out tonight). Ow much time should I give him? Should I wait until he messages me again or is it okay if I reach out to him? It is driving me crazy being in limbo not knowing what is going to happen with my relationship and I miss him but I don't want to be too much either. He wanted space/a break as of Tuesday and it's Sunday. I mean he messaged me about work Friday but I don't know if that counts


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  • "Space" or "break" is pussy speak for breakup by a guy that's too pussy to tell you the truth. This is over and you won't remain friends. If he asks to stay friends it's a lie and a manipulation tRicky to keep you as a backup plan. If you ask to remain friends he'll think "yay! I've got a backup plan"


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  • Until they come back to you or never.