What is wrong with me, what am I feeling?

So there's this guy at work who I know likes me romantically. He's always so nice to me asking how my weekend was, all I can ever say is mmm hmm and not look at him when he asks me that. He just continues from that point not to say much else. Then the other folks we have lunch with show up (it's just me and him there at first) and I talk to them no issues at all. He must think I hate him, what to do? Am I liking this guy now?

We used to be good friends, and I seem to make a conscious effort to avoid him, but I feel he can see right through me. I Check him out from a distance and hide my face when he gets close, and I can't hold eye contact its too hard


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  • No. You are feeling confused because emotions.


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  • How are we supposed to know if you like him or not?
    What the hell, people?

    • I mean does anyone else act like this around their love interest