Shy guys and outgoing girls? (Or vice versa)?

I consider myself to be very outgoing. I am constantly talking to my friends and making jokes. I think I'm pretty popular within my friend group based on how people tend to react to me, plus I'm always organizing events and ways for us all to hang out together. I love other people and I love being social.
However, recently I've become interested in guys after never having thought about dating before (I'm a freshman in high school). There's no one in particular I'm interested in, but I was surprised to discover that the idea of a quiet, gentle guy appealed to me more than the idea of an aggressively social person such as myself. I'm afraid that this type of person won't find me attractive and will instead find me annoying and too loud. My parents argued and said that opposites attract, and that quiet people feel drawn towards social people. Is this true? Shy people, do you feel drawn towards social people? Fellow social people, do you also feel drawn towards shy people? What are your thoughts?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Outgoing, confident girls are the best

  • Your parents are correct. I'm more quiet but drawn to girls like you ❤️


What Girls Said 1

  • It's all up to the individual. Not all shy guys are into outgoing girls and of course not all outgoing girls go for the shy guys.