At what point do u ask if a guy has a girlfriend?

i feel like this guy that has been very direct with his flirting and cuddling and even some kissing that is all but I feel he has a girlfriend. He will be on the phone with me and I hear a girl. I have no clue who it is. I just hear a girl. But he is on the phone with me and he comments to her "what are you doing" or something and he continues talking to me. So it isn't like he is hiding anything. But I haven't seen him in a while. He was away for a funeral. He texted me and we spoke on the phone one time. Hopefully when I see him I will get answers. I don't want to feel stupid. But I don't want to make anything blown out of proportion. We are not to the point of even dating we had one moment where we exchanged kisses. Before he left for the funeral.

He called me when he got in and called me later when he got home and he was alone with his thoughts I picked him up. he told me he doesn't have a girlfriend: we make out hard and he spent the night and he couldn't get enough of me.🙃🙃 my world was rocked! Just letting him sleep today since neither of us did. And I will see him back at work soon.


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  • I get asked that question a lot and it happens like a couple weeks knowing the person max to like the first day they meet me.


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  • I think it's okay to ask at any point if you feel that you like him and want things to go further. If you feel like he has a girlfriend though then that's something that needs to be addressed before anything else happens.


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