Tinder girls giving out phone number?

Everytime I use tinder I get girls who match me and then they message me saying they got a virus or this app doesn't work well on their phone and it leads me to a link that says datehookup or something. I just delete these girls cause apparently they aren't real. Recently I paid for tinder plus so I can swipe more than like 20 times, well now they just send me a phone number with a weird area code. Are these still bots?

I just find it weird that as soon as I signed up for tinder plus I no longer get links and instead I get phone numbers.


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  • dont sounds right anyway.

    I am using badoo and never meet any advertisement or bot.


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  • The girls who send links are definitely bots, but if they send actual phone numbers, i am not so sure. With weird area codes, you mean that they do not have the proper area code of where they should be?

    • lt will say they're close by and all the phone numbers I've received will have an out of state area code. Since when did girls give out their number without even saying anything.

    • That is really strange.

      I think the best thing to do is to only trust girls who you have chatted with within the app for a while.

  • Yup those are definitely boys