Should I just give up?

So, I have tried and failed when it comes to making friends and getting into relationships. What causes this failure? I honestly don't know... Allow me to elaborate on the subject. I was raised by a older family (both parents are from the baby boomer generation) where I was the only child. I was taught at a young age to only speak when spoken to. My parents did not have friends with children, and almost all of their friends were very older. As a result, I was unable to connect with younger children, and I would speak to my teachers more than my peers. This continued on through high school, and because of this i was prone to being bullied by the other students both physically and emotionally. I became very reserved and was diagnosed with severe depressive disorder and anxiety disorder. I was able to escape high school by attending college courses that counted towards my high school credits. It is still difficult to speak with people and as you could imagine, I don't have any friends... The only people that speak to me are those with a kind nature, and I just hate being alone. I've debated for years about giving up because honestly what good is it to live a life alone and leave no memories for others. I've tried to conquer my fears and issues to no avail. I've done hours apon hours of research into dating, friend making, depression, anxiety, and social skills. I've tried medication after medication with nothing that works. I've tried therapists, but didn't help. I've tried spiritual methods and also they failed. I'm out of options and I'm just tired of trying. Nothing works, so why even bother? I guess I should come to terms that I'll live my life alone. I have a whole future ahead of me and I'm on the fast track to a masters degree. I'm great at what I'm going into, but I just feel empty because I'm alone. When I look at my future all I see is a bleak road. What do you think? Any advice? What would you do? Or does it even matter since I'm basically a no body.


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  • Try not to put pressure on yourself about making friends or finding a partner. Don't view every single interaction as the potential to be friends or something, just go one day at a time and one interaction at a time, let things develop with ease and without expectation. Meanwhile focus on your other goals, like education or career.


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  • having your balls scorched by a hot flat iron will show people you're serious about friends

    • Not funny... Ugh so much for some serious help... I only get a jokester...

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