Girl likes me, but doesn't want a relationship, and now avoids me?

I'm in high school, and me this girl really liked each other. She used to text me first, and ask me to hangout pretty much all the time. This went on for a few weeks, and then last week after we went out I kissed her for the first time. Later that night, she told me that she really liked me, but didn't know if she wanted to get in a relationship as she'll be gone much of the summer, and we'll be going to different colleges in a few months. I told her that I really liked her too, and wanted to see where things go, but would respect her decision if she just wanted to be friends. Then pretty much avoided me for a week, and we didn't talk at all until a few days ago, when she told me she didn't want a relationship. Since then she's pretty much kept trying to aoid and we never talk or hangout anymore. I don't know if she just wants nothing to do with me anymore, or still likes me and wants to be friends, but is trying to protect herself?


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  • It doesn't matter. You should move on.


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  • Typical girl that doesn't know what she wants. dumpah and move on.