Being friends first, will that work?

We dated for a bit, but she ended things cause she is not at a place where she wants to date in general. She expressed the desire to still talk. It took me awhile of no contact, but her and I are finally talking a bit and have scheduled a time next week to Skype. She is calling this "friends" and I am okay with this. But I am wondering. Will this work? Will being her friend ease her into the idea of dating?
(she doesn't really have a ton of guy friends in general, and she is trying as well as I am to keep in contact so it isn't just one way)
Yes this is a tad confusing. but what are you thoughts?


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  • That usually does not work. Or it works after a long while.


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  • I always recommend against waiting around for people like this. I think it is rare that it works out. Basically she is just bottling you up and putting you away on a shelf to MAYBE use later or not. So what ends up happening is that you miss out on someone else because you are waiting around for her. Then one day she calls you all excited because she wants to tell you about the great guy she just met and is going out on a date with! Don't be a sucker for that!!!