Should I message him?

ok so I really like this guy and I'm positive he likes me back. Today was the last day of school and I wanted to ask him out but I chickened out and I didn't. I've been trying to ask him all week but I didn't. We are both shy. He has a myspace should I message him on myspace and tell him I like him and ask him to hang out or should I wait until next year?

well the damage is done. I asked him. I will tell you guys when he responds.


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  • I say message him. Worst thing that happens is he doesn't respond, but if you're pretty sure that he likes you the odds of that seem low. Plus if he does, you probably won't see him all summer anyway so plenty of time for the humiliation (lol) to disappear! Definitely don't wait because who knows what could happen this summer. And if he writes back and you guys do hang out, it could mean a fun summer! GO FOR IT!