To reach out or not?

I was in a friendship that was basically a guy, we'll call him Cody, who wanted to cheat on his girlfriend with me. I thought they were breaking up so I was ok with going on dates with him. Before anything happened I was told that actually Cody wasn't planning on breaking up with his girlfriend at all so I talk to him about it. In the end he said that I misunderstood all his advances, saying that he treated all his female friends like me. So in the end I felt terrible.
Cody had a friend that I had gone on a few dates with, we'll call him Ethan, that was actually a really nice guy to me. I just had failed to realize because at the time I was still caught up with Cody. Point is a friend of mine told me that she really liked Ethan and because I felt like I didn't deserve such a nice guy due to the whole 'nearly cheating' with Cody drama I told her she was free to date Ethan if she wanted.
The thing is, I really liked Ethan too. However I wanted my friend to be happy so I didn't say anything. She dated him for awhile but it didn't work out. I haven't talked to Ethan because he was such good friends with Cody that I've always been afraid that Cody told him something bad about me. I want to reach out to him but also feel like I shouldn't. Thoughts?

Not talking about reaching out to Cody but his friend Ethan.


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  • He sounds like a terrible friend and a terrible, disloyal lover. I don't think you should reach out to him.