What's the craziest excuse you've gotten/given for a flake?

This literally just happened and made me post this. Had plans with a girl tonight. 2nd date. First one was fun but nothing special. She was pretty keen on a 2nd date so I made plans for tonight.

text her not too long ago to see if she's still on for tonight. this was her response:

"Possibly, I have diarrhea and a bad stomach ache"

I honestly couldnt help but laugh and not respond at all. Don't care if she's full of shit (pun intended) or not. That's a fucking retarded reply lol.


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  • I got flaked on because the girl was in a successful raid in a game.


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  • Lol what if it was for real though..

    • Even if it was for real its a little TMI for a dude you just met. A simple "I'm sick" would do lol. It has the same effect without the details.

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    • Either way I don't plan on responding lol. not saying I won't go out with her again. I'm just not going to reply to a statement like that. If she's feeling better or wants to hang out she can let me know haha.

    • Little harsh lol especially if you feel this strongly, you can just say "TMI"

  • Lol maybe it was her little brother who stole her phone ;P

  • She was trying to be funny
    Super lame excuse

    • Ya. I don't care. It doesn't effect me one bit. I just found it to be hilarious. Wanted to know some funny reasons people gave for flaking on someone else

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  • It was our 2nd date, the first one went pretty good.

    We were meeting up for dinner at 6pm...

    She said she over slept for the date.