Girls would you take this as a joke or get a bit mad or sad at your boyfriend?

MY girlfriend has been teasing me a lot lately so i decided to tease her back. So she came over and we were just hanging out and went swimming. After swimming i asked her where her make up was, and she said at her house and asked me why and i said that she needs it cause her face is blinding me more than the sun. So i began laughing and i thought it was a good joke, then she asked me if she looked bad and again i joked around and answered yes to that. She got really sad and i told her i was kidding and she doesn't need make up cause she is always beautiful. So later in the day i asked if she wants to cook something or we can order pizza and then she again questioned me if she looked good or not. I kept telling her it was a joke and said sorry. Would you act the same way? it was just a joke really. Im getting her flowers today.


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  • I think its fine for you to tease back (cuz common, you can dish it but you can't take it?) I think the only thing you fucked up on was joking about her looks. Girls are EXTREMELY sensitive about that shit. It probably would have been better if you joked about her cooking or the way she drives. I use to get that way when my boyfriend and i originally got together. but we have been around each other long enough where we know were just joking, and make fun of each other in a cute way.
    Tell her straight up that you were doing it because she teases you all the time, let her know that she started it. Then tell her that you wouldn't be with her if she wasn't soo hot.
    I recommend Carnations or Tulips (PINK ONES!)


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  • Did you kiss her face after saying she's beautiful and doesn't need any make up ;-) ? Just curious, thats how i imagined this scenario to play out. That being said dint take this too serious. Maybe she is just guilt tripping you.


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  • I do get a little upset if my boyfriend made this joke with me. But if he apologized and even got me flowers, I do forgive him right away.

    • i hope today the flowers will do the trick. she seemed much better when i spoke to her on the phone

  • I wouldn't get sad, I'd say " well men do go for women that look like they're mother" and dunk you in the water lol

    • lol, i like your sense of humor, if she is on the deck of the pool sometimes i just push her in, another time she literally tacked me in lol.

    • It sounds like you guys have a really awesome relationship! Keep up the good work but if you end having to buy her flowers twice a week I'd rethink it a little bit haha. For now I think the gesture is really sweet :)

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