I am 20, never had a boyfriend. How to be more open to relationships?

So I am 20 years old and I have never have a boyfriend. I am well educated ( attending uni which is in top 50 in world rankings) , I speak fluently 3 languages, good at sports, have many interest and relatively attractive like 8/10. It doesn't really bother me that I ve never had one so far. It is more the fear that it willnever happen.

The truth is that there were some guys who were
interested in me but I just didn't find them attractive. This led me believe that either I am boring/uninteresting or/and I am probably not very attractive. Even though I've been told several times that I am a pretty girl either by my colleagues or guy friends. It just didn't make sense to me. Then I realised that every time there is a guy I find attractive I am just too shy to talk to him and I may even behave a bit unfriendly/cold. By contrast, if I talk to guys I am not interested into, I am really nice to them, I smile a lot etc. so they might be under impression that I like them whereas I am just trying to be friendly. ( this is just my theory, I still may be ugly af). So do u have any advice how to change this/my attitude or whatever that could help me to be more open towards relationships?


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  • from what i read your only problem is being too shy next time you talk to a guy don't go into it trying to start something romantic just try and be his friend if he digs you he will make a move

  • How do you look? You can be attractive but look intimidating and stuff you know what I mean, you could scare guys away not in a bad way but just where they think you are unapproachable.


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