We haven't defined the relationship, what do I call him?

okay so i have been dating my guy (he's 25 if that matters) for 2 months now and we were good friends for about a month before we started dating. he has met my parents, his parents know about me by name. we are pretty serious and we have both actually said that we care about each other a lot and have told each other that they are very important to us. And we seem to be in this for some kind of long haul, like he has mentioned wanting to travel with me to a few places in passing so i must be in his plans for the future to some extent.

so when is it time for us to be an official thing, to call each other boyfriend and Girlfriend? what do i introduce him as in the meantime?

(in Australia it is assumed you are in an exclusive relationship if you have dated for longer than a month and we often don't have an actually 'defining the relationship talk")


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  • For now, @carpe_natem, Do Not Slap a title on him, Just go with the Flow... This is Joe.
    People can Assume their own Theory, So until you Both agree on 'An Official thing,' Don't over think Anything... Just go with the Flow with Joe.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Its still so early but if you are wondering where you are going and you can be open to him, have that talk with him and ask him. If y'all are not both on the same page, then introduce him as a close friend. It should just naturally happen when you introduce. Just keep it real with yourself and how you feel about him. Communication is so important to practice right now

  • Wait and see how he introduces you to people.

  • You're just dating. If you haven't officially established a relationship then he isn't your boyfriend really.