Girls, what are key things about a man that allows you to decide whether he is dateable or not?

I'm curious because I want to make some good impressions on some of the women i meet in my summer courses. I have a particular girl I would like to show that I want to get to know her, and I want her to know I want to share my time with her. I've spoken to her a few times since we have shared one course since last fall. For the last two semesters I've seen her look at me when she thought I wasn't paying attention, but i was able to catch it ou of the corner of my eye. She occasionally says "hi" and I try to have a conversation, but it's difficult for me since I have very lacking social skills and social anxiety. I just want to know as much as i can about what key points I can do and demonstrate in order to increase my chances. Any ideas? Thank you.


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  • that he's attracted to me, so let her know that you like her if she doesn't already
    that he's attractive and interesting